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Vibrancy Kingston - Action Group

The ‘Future Statement’ or Vision of this group is:

Kingston is a city with creatively connected pathways, a vibrant downtown, a spectacular waterfront, where arts, culture, sport and recreation thrive and our rich history and heritage are celebrated.

Developed a database of key services, funding, people, organizations, models and networks to harness resources and networks of those inviolved and locate gaps and opportunities. In the process of planning a trade fare event in the Fall to bring arts, heritage, sport and recreation groups together to learn from each other and work collaboratively to make Kingston more vibrant. Contact the SPC for more information.

Wendy Vuyk, Linda Whitfield

Jennifer Barnhart, Ross Cameron, David Casson, Jim Coles, Don Curtis, Mark Hanley, Diane Luck, John-Paul Shearer, Chris West, Linda Whitfield, Wendy Vuyk

SPC Contact Person
John Osborne

Papers, files, minutes etc.

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